Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh, Honey, Honey!

These are in the mail this week for my earrings-of-the-month club members. I picked HONEY as my theme for February's EcoChic Designs creations for a couple of reasons: I love honey; and I am currently working on an article about honey and beekeepers. I have always told my boys that their job of learning and stretching their minds never ends. So, I have to live up to that goal as well. Last month I went to a butchery seminar for an article. I have never had any illusions that meat just appears in the grocery store, headless, legless, and wrapped in paper or plastic. Many of my friends are hunters or fisherman, so deliveries of homemade sausages, cuts of wild boar, and whole fishes and crabs are not out of the ordinary. However, until EcoFarm's 2013 Butchery Skills Seminar, last week, I have never seen a whole carcass broken down into saleable cuts.

But this isn't about meat. This is about honey. Sweet, golden, delectable honey.

These earrings are one-of-a-kind creations, inspired by HONEY. Golden chalcedony, faceted citrine, lemon quartz, recycled yellow glass, and amber are handwired with sterling silver for this month's pieces. They hang from hammered sterling earwires.

Fun and Functional: Eyeglass Holders

When a friend from high school contacted me about making some eyeglass holders for her that were both fun and functional, I jumped at the chance to create them. She said, "No pastels and nothing that makes me look like an old lady!" Points taken. ;) Here's what I made...

Rough emeralds, green aventurine, blue freshwater pearls, Burmese rubies, neon blue apatite, yellow jade, amethysts, recycled yellow glass, lemon chalcedony, garnet, moss agate, faceted citrine, faceted blue topaz, amazonite, and orange crystal...all handwired with sterling silver. It closes with two repurposed sterling silver pieces; her eyeglasses can hang from a sterling silver circle in the middle.

I just heard from her. She loves them! And I love having a satisfied customer. Thanks for the order.