Saturday, January 28, 2012

EcoChic Designs Earrings-of-the-Month Club

It's my kick-off month. And for only have hatched this idea this week, I'm pleased to be packaging up several subscriptions to my earrings-of-the-month club. 

Despite my usual feelings about Valentines' Day, I found inspiration in the roses I have begun to see everywhere in preparation of that mid-February holiday. Piles of petals and all shades of red and pink spawned one-of-a-kind pieces featuring recyled pink and red glass, Burmese rubies, cherry and rose quartz, pink sapphires, and glazed ceramic beads.

I hope the gals who receive these are pleased...I know I had fun creating them.

In case you're wondering, I'm offering a monthly delivery of a handmade, one-of-a-kind pair of earrings. You tell me your preference of style and length; I create and surprise you, letting you know what inspired me.  For more information about the club, feel free to email me at constantmotioncamilla at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Earrings-of-the-Month Club

Fire, ready, aim...that's how I normally roll. No, that is not a typo! ;)

My creative gears are always spinning and, as I was about to renew my wine-of-the month club with a local vineyard and my CSA with a local organic farm I thought: we have wines-of-the month, books-of-the-month, why not jewelry-of-the-month?!?

So, here's my thought...

You would get a pair of handmade artisan earrings (gemstones, recycled glass, and sterling silver) once a month for a year. Each pair would come with a story behind the inspiration for your one-of-a-kind creation. EcoChic pieces have never been, and never will be, mass-produced. While your pair may have the same elements with another, yours will be unique. And in that vein, I would limit the club participants to ten lucky gals so that I can guarantee the originality of each design.

No sooner had I put the thought in writing and clicked send, to a few loyal fans, I got a response. "I would love to get in on that."

Okay. Here we go...

Anyone else want in? Let me know. I'll be shipping the first month's pieces next week.