Friday, October 10, 2014

Quince-ssential Fall Earrings

Are you familiar with quince? If not, you’re not alone. It is classified as a rare fruit; but if you have the chance, track one down. It’s magical. 

First, it changes color when it cooks; raw, it’s a pale yellow similar to a non-descript apple. But once it’s poached, it transforms to a vibrant blush. When I interviewed Barbara Ghazarian* (local author, quincephile, and keynote speaker at what she called the ‘Fruit Nerd’ convention this year), she gave me the chemical reason for the color change; she’s a molecular biologist. But I’m just going to stick to – “it’s magic.” Here's a link to the article I wrote about the Queen of Quince for Edible Monterey Bay: here.

Second, it tastes amazing! Here are a few recipes I've made with quince: Quince Butter Thumbprint Cookies, Poached Quince, and Quince Marmalade.
It’s an exotic mixture of roses and fruit. Sort of. It’s unique and delicious. Try it, if you can! So, it’s the color-changing magic inspired this month’s EcoChic Designs pieces.

Remember, each set of earrings is one-of-a-kind but the elements are the same. For these ‘Quince-ssential Fall Earrings’ I handwired a variety of gems and recycled glass beads in shades from yellow to pink with sterling silver. Enjoy!

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