Friday, June 19, 2015

Wonderful Surprises, Earrings-of-the-Month (June 2015)

I have already gotten reports from some that their June earrings have arrived...and I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a blogpost about my inspiration. So sorry!

This month's theme - WONDERFUL SURPRISES.

You know there are junctions in life when you pause, look back, and are shocked at the changes or growth you didn't notice was happening all along?? That was me this month when I read my boys' projects or summative assessments as they finished up fifth and seventh grades.

I read D's letter to his next year's teacher and was just completely blown away by his skill with a pen (or keyboard). I'm pretty hard to impress and I was impressed. It began...

"Imagine a student who can find fun and enjoyment wherever he is. Imagine a student who could learn wherever he is . Whether he is in a coffee shop, or in an abandoned warehouse. That’s me, I’m a very curious kid who loves science. Anywhere I go, I find how to learn and I enjoy it. These are both things that I like, but one of my most liked things are spices. I try ANY spices I see, then cook with it." 
- excerpt from the letter to his next year's teacher

I proofread R's application to the Broadcom Masters Science Fair - he was invited after he and his partner took first place in their division at the county science fair - and marveled at how he crafted his answers to the questions. So articulate and reflective.

Wonderful surprises all! I am a proud mamma for sure.

In that vein of wonderful surprises, I created this month's pieces with pearls, for the most part, because I think those are wonderful surprises in nature...and they start with a grain of sand. Pieces might include grey pearls, navy blue pearls, and various gems this month.

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