Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honeycomb from my Honey

Yesterday we went to the beach. While the boys frolicked in the surf, I shot some photographs, and - among other beach treasures - Jake found this pocked shell that he tucked into his pocket to give to me...because it looked like a honeycomb. Oh, my sweet husband!

After boiling it a few times, I let it airdry and got to work, making a necklace for myself with the honeycomb from my honey. Okay, so I don't really call him that - honey, I mean - but it goes better for the story.

I handwired the found "honeycomb" shell with sterling silver beads and Kazuri beads in all the shades of honey.

In case you aren't familiar with Kazuri beads, you can click here to read the whole story about them. The short version: these are made by women in Kenya, giving them gainful employment through a marketable handicraft. Kazuri, in Swahili, means "small and beautiful."

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