Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art Glass Center of San Jose

Today I went to the Art Glass Center of San Jose with Pia and Jenn for a girls' day; we drove up for their Glass Artist for a Day program. We spent four hours doing three projects: (1) a torched glass pendant, (2) a stained glass sun-catcher, and (3) a fused glass dish.

Our first station was the torchwork pendant. We were blown away by the level of stress and the amount of coordination it took.

Pia concluded and I wholeheartedly concur: we will never again balk at paying five dollars for a handmade glass bead!

We got to take home the sun-catcher but will have to go back up to pick up our pendants (they have to be annealed) and our dishes (they have to be fired in a kiln).  Here's a photo of my swirled pendant in progress...I'll post a photo of a finished necklace next month.

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