Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Evolution of a Ring

If there are two things I am passionate about - besides my family, food, and jewelry - they are flowers and creative people.

My all time favorite blossom is a parrot tulip; but I have never been able to find piece of parrot tulip jewelry that I liked. So I decided to commission a parrot tulip ring from my very talented friend Paxton Mobley. I picked up my ring yesterday and it has only left my finger while I was cooking and when I went to bed! I love it.

Here's the creative evolution...
I sent him this photograph.

We went back and forth with a few sketches. This is the one we settled on.

Then he worked his magic with wax and silver.  And here is the final product...ta da!

It's exactly what I wanted. And that it was handmade by a fantastic artist makes it all the better.

Check out more of Paxton's work at his website. Click here.

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