Monday, January 17, 2011

Eco-Chick Creates EcoChic Designs

Eco-Chick...I never really considered myself an eco-chick, but right after I got married, we drove to meet my in-laws at Marine World. Stepping out of the car, I looked at the sign, in horror, and demanded: Is this the place where they keep orcas in captivity?!? My brother-in-law chuckled and nudged my husband, asking, "Did you marry a Greenie, Jake?" I suppose he did.

I've published articles about marine conservation; I diligently instill the Greenie tenets of reduce, reuse, recycle in my two wild boys; but it is my passion for jewelry that spawned this venture.

Pairing my love for changing necklaces with every outfit with my desire to be a change in the world, I created EcoChic - a line of handmade sterling jewelry featuring recycled glass.

I use recycled glass beads that are produced as part of the International Free trade movement, ensuring that artisans involved in the manufacturing process of an item are paid a fair, living wage and are provided with good working conditions. Fair Trade also guarantees production with neither slave wages nor child exploitation.

I want people to feel good about their jewelry and urge people to make compassionate, eco-friendly choices as often as possible. Even the smallest changes make a big difference; baby steps are the key.

Enjoy my pieces,
Eco-Chick of EcoChic Designs
(tree-hugging, jewelry-loving designer)

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