Monday, January 17, 2011

To Heal a Broken Heart...

I'm not sure how much credence I give to the healing powers of crystals, but, I figure, it's worth a shot.  And, perhaps, if you believe strongly enough, it will work.

Rose quartz, a pale pink crystal, is an excellent heart-healing gemstone. It purports to be a natural remedy that can be used for treating any issue that needs emotional healing, carrying a gentle, soothing energy and giving comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded.

Last September one of my husband's cousins committed suicide.  Twenty-nine years old.  And as hard as it's been on the entire family, two hearts are particularly broken - those of Sam's mom and his sister.  I wanted to create pieces for them that fosters peace and lets them know that they have our thoughts and prayers...always.

For Jessica...a sterling silver prayer box is at the center of this piece.  Rose quartz, grey moonstone, and recycled glass are all handwired to form this one-of-a-kind necklace.

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