Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines' to Me!

I think it was all my time as a florist in Berkeley, but I truly despised Valentines' Day for many years.  And though I've softened towards the holiday, Jake knows better than to get me red roses and chocolate.  His solution to the Valentine's Day gift quandry: I get to make my own present!

This year I was inspired by Jake carving our initials into an aspen tree near Blue Lake during a camping trip last summer.  I never knew how cheesy my husband could be - until that afternoon - and, despite my horror at him cutting into a living tree, I decided to commemorate that event with a sterling silver charm from Bonbon Charms - custom sterling charms by Erica Clements out of Eugene, Oregon.

I recycled some sterling silver toggles from old necklaces that I don't wear anymore and hand-wired the charms with oxidized sterling wire and chain.  Faceted golden pyrite pillows add some warmth to the pieces.

Happy Valentines' Day to me!

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