Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Necklace with Every Outfit

Okay, I'm not quite that bad - a new necklace with every outfit - but I am pretty bad.  I have necklaces in every color of the rainbow and then some; and I have necklaces to go with all of our crazy themed-parties.  I began selling my pieces to justify the expense of my jewelry habit!

This weekend I finished two pieces for myself and two to sell.  And I have a few more that are almost finished for the website.  That's better than a 1:2 ratio.  Not too selfish, right?

I came across this sterling silver gnome charm, pairing it with a mushroom-shaped agate druzy to form a large pendant. 

I made it specifically for Jake's birthday dinner in April - I'm hosting 'A Fungi Feast for My Fun Guy!' - but I love the warm, earthy tones of the druzy and will be wearing it tons before and after the event.

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